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Why do the Clams and Mussels have different vacuum levels?

Our Mussels and Clams have different levels of vacuums due to their different shell types. The mussels have a stronger shell and tend to have a higher level of vacuum compared to the more porous shelled clams, which require less vacuum giving it a looser pouch feel.


How can I tell if my pouch is blown?

The key indicator to show if your pouch is blown is whether the shells are open on the inside. If the shells are held tight and closed then the pouch has kept its vacuum and all is well. However if you can see the mussels or clams inside are opening, then the pouch has lost its vacuum and is to be discarded.

How do you get such a long shelf life?

Our pouches are the secret to our shelf life, it is almost like a canning process as the pouches keep the oxygen out allowing a long shelf life. It is really amazing - and due to the way we cook them as wholeshell and in their own natural juices, the shellfish tastes fresh, juicy, and delicious right up till that time.

If you have any other questions then please contact: 

Lizzie Redwood


Why Omega Seafood? 

There are many reasons why Omega Seafood Mussels are better than your standard half-shell product, but here are just a few: 

- Better Quality 

Due to our processing method and keeping our mussels wholeshell the meat quality and mussel taste is actually enhanced. 

The wholeshell actually protects the meat from drying out and keeps the mussels tasting succulent and tender. Compared to your standard half-shell that tends to try out and get freezer burn. 

- Enhanced Flavour

When our mussels are harvested they hold about a teaspoon of water in their shells. Then once they are cooked in the pouch this is collected in the pouch and forms their own natural mussel stock. This stock is what chefs call liquid gold as it enhances the natural flavours of the mussels. This means our mussel taste just as good as live but still has all the added convenience. Whereas half shell has all its natural flavours stripped through the cooking and freezing process. 

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